Parents Association

parents association | avondale grammar school

At Avondale, we provide a warm welcome that helps families settle into not only our school, but also life in Singapore. When your child joins Avondale, you become part of our Avondale community. We encourage parental involvement from the start and believe that parents are crucial to the success of the School, and the education of their children.

Our Parents’ Association

The Parents’ Association (PA) plays an integral role in helping create and maintain the Avondale school spirit. The PA ensures that all families are welcomed within the broader school community, through direct contact with all new families.

PA Executive Team

Kylie Dermody
Nicky Arms
Vice President
Megan Abrahams
Leanne Nelson
“The Mag” Editor
Lauren Brown
Mary Dobson

PA Committee Members

Community Outreach Chair
Renee Jones (Riverkids)
Nicole Reidy (Food From The Heart)
Library Chair
Cindy Hemingway
Mums’ Events Co-ordinator
Amanda Smits
Canteen Chair
Melinda Manzi
Dads Events’ Coordinator
Matt Wilksch
Newsletter Production
Vaish Muralidharan
Environmental Initiatives Coordinator
Sally Anderson
Coffee Mornings’ Coordinator
Renee Jones
Book Club Coordinator
Jen Day
parents association | avondale grammar school